what are we doing?

Volunteering is open to anyone who wishes to donate their time and put their qualities at the service of others. We are looking for passionate, dedicated kids, willing to share their time for the benefit of children who live in situations of poverty, abandonment, violence or marginalization.

how we make it

We organize various activities in favor of these children: we help to paint their houses, we live and have fun with them, we play soccer and we support recreational and cultural activities. We support clothing and food collection campaigns to donate them to those most in need.


Volunteering at Fundación Checo Pérez changed my life, it made me understand that everyday problems vanish with a hug, that a child's smile is the best reason to improve the world in which we live. We spend so many hours complaining that we don't appreciate that the simplest things are the ones that can give us the most satisfaction. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to help those who need you most in exchange for invaluable personal growth.”

Paola Valencia, Volunteer Coordinator.

Your work as a volunteer can help you fulfill the hours of social service required by your educational institution.